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Landscape Design Denver, CO

"Where Nature Meets Design"

Botanical Living, LLC is a Denver landscape​ design firm specializing in the blank canvas of residential new-builds and the reworking of existing landscapes. We provide stunning landscaping services that bring the beauty of nature into any outdoor space. With years of experience in landscape design, Founder, Abby Rupsa, has a unique eye for transforming yards, gardens, or other outdoor spaces into something amazing.


Where Nature Meets Design

Botanical Living Landscape Design offers professional landscaping, hardscaping, xeriscaping, and planting design services to create landscapes that combine beauty and practicality. We are experienced in creating both residential and commercial outdoor spaces that fit your unique style and vision. From landscape revitalization projects to innovative designs, our team of professionals is committed to bringing your outdoor dreams to life with creative solutions. We take pride in integrating sustainable practices such as xeriscaping into our design procedures to ensure the health of your environment for the future. Our attention to detail coupled with our passion for plants will result in a stunning transformation that you can be proud of.

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