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Abby Rupsa - Principal Designer/Owner

What's it like work to work with Botanical Living?

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Take a walk with me

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Melissa Medeiros - Associate Designer

Botanical Living, LLC

Botanical Living is a Denver-based landscape​ design firm specializing in the blank canvas of residential new-builds and the reworking of existing landscapes.

The Method:

Good design comes from connecting with and listening to clients to learn how they will live and entertain in their space. An ideal landscape plan seamlessly transitions the home's interior to its exterior so that there is no distinct separation of the two. They should compliment each other in a way that creates harmony throughout the entire property.     

The Package:

Clients receive a comprehensive computer-drafted landscape plan complete with Plant Inventory, Variety, Quantities and Sizing. A unique feature is the use of a Digital Look Book of suggested plants and inspiration images that help the homeowner visualize the project. Clients own the design once it is presented. They receive a hard copy and a PDF of both the design and the Look Book and can send it to their governing HOA for design review approval or secure their own bids from multiple contractors for the scope of work. The benefit of creating a landscape design is that clients can compare contractor bids on the same design and they can "phase" their execution of the project build-out depending on their budget.    


Hourly consultation is available during the construction phase. Clients frequently use this option for pre-construction meetings with contractors, advisement on choosing product colors on the site, or during boulder and plant placement.


Staging services are also available for porches and patios. By using colorful annual flower pots, pillows, accent furniture and textiles, we can create gorgeous curb appeal or ready your home for sale.

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