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Denver Xeriscaping Design

Benefits of Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping Landscaping is an excellent landscape design choice for numerous homeowners in Colorado's front range. Here are some reasons why:

  • Denver receives a low amount of annual precipitation, with only 10-15 inches on average.

  • Many regions along the front range of Colorado consist of a combination of clay soil and sandy soil, which possesses a high alkaline content. Therefore, cultivating anything other than the most resilient drought-tolerant flora becomes difficult.

  • Most Colorado summers have tight water restrictions, so you may not always be able to water your lawn when needed, making it challenging for all but the most drought-resistant plants to thrive.

  • Reduces the need for maintenance tasks such as mowing and trimming.

  • Improved water conservation saves you money over the long term.


Botanical Living Xeriscape Landscaping Process

Botanical Living will meet with you to discuss your goals and visions for your xeriscaping project.

We analyze your property and create a customized xeriscape landscape design inline with your requirements. Our end goal is to adhere to the Xeriscape principles suggested by Denver Water. 


Botanical Living Xeriscape Design will typically include the following:


  • Native Plants – Xeriscaping makes use of beautiful native Colorado drought tolerant plants, bushes, and trees. Functional Stone Features – Xeriscape designs typically feature functional hardscapes such as patios, walkways, walls, or even fountains to bring the design together.

  • Colorado Drought Tolerant Plants - Our Xeriscaping process utilizes native Colorado drought-tolerant plants, bushes, and trees. We can also incorporate functional hardscapes like patios, walkways, walls, or fountains to enhance the overall design. 

  • Irrigation Efficiency - Efficient irrigation involves using drip irrigation for plants and shrubs and low-angle sprinklers for turf areas. The objective is to supply the appropriate amount of water and prevent water runoff.

  • Placement of the turf area is limited - Xeriscape design typically includes a small amount of grass. However, this grass is strategically placed in shaded areas and can be designed to utilize natural drainage. There are lower water alternatives to Kentucky Blue Grass that are becoming available such as Tahoma 31, a Bermuda grass which requires very little irrigation and mowing. 

  • Mulch – Mulch should be used in and around plants, trees, and shrubs to retain moisture and limit weed growth.


Benefits of Xeriscaping

  • There are various native plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees that thrive in the dry climate of Colorado.

  • Saves money on water bills.

  • Helps beneficial pollinators like bees, butterflies and moths. ​

  • Less maintenance.

  • Drought-resistant plants and landscaping are used in Colorado to combat frequent droughts.

  • Provides a beautiful outdoor space suitable for entertaining.

  • Creates unique curb appeal that is different from neighboring houses. ​


Xeriscaping is a great option for homeowners in Denver who want to conserve water and create a beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor space. By choosing native plants, implementing efficient irrigation systems, and practicing proper maintenance techniques, you can create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly landscape that thrives in the arid climate of Denver.

Not only will you save time and money on watering and maintenance, but you will also contribute to preserving water resources in your community. Consider implementing xeriscape principles in your landscaping to create a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space.


Abby Rupsa

Owner/Principal Landscape Designer

Botanical Living, LLC

Serving the Denver Metro Area


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