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Expert Denver Hardscaping Design

What is Hardscaping?

At Botanical Living, we believe that thoughtful outdoor spaces go beyond planting trees, shrubs and grass. Hardscape design in Denver is an essential element in crafting a beautiful, functional and inspired landscape.

Hardscape refers to designing and installing non-living features in your outdoor area, such as patios, walkways, pergolas, retaining walls, fire pits, and water features. By incorporating hardscape elements into your landscape, you can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, create designated outdoor rooms that are a valuable extension of your home, and add value to your property.

Our team of experts in Denver is skilled in designing and implementing hardscape solutions that create a seamless transition that blends the interior of your home with your yard. From outdoor kitchens to paver patios, we have the expertise to transform your outdoor living space into a stunning retreat.

Let us help you create a hardscape design that maximizes your home's beauty and functionality.

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Benefits of Hardscape Design in Denver

By incorporating elements such as paver patios and well-designed walkways, we can transform your outdoor space into a stunning and inviting area for entertaining or relaxation.

  1. Hardscaping will improve your landscape's aesthetics and also increase your property value. Potential buyers are often attracted to properties that boast thoughtful and functional outdoor living spaces. By investing in hardscaping design, you are not only enhancing your enjoyment, but also making a smart investment for the future.

  2. Another advantage of hardscape design is lower maintenance. Unlike softscape maintenance, hardscape features such as paver patios and masonry retaining walls require minimal upkeep. This allows you to enjoy your outdoor space more, devoting less time to maintenance.

  3. Additionally, hardscape design can help with water conservation or flood mitigation. By incorporating water-efficient elements into your design, such as proper drainage systems, we can help you manage water without compromising the beauty of your landscape. Designing French drains, rain gardens, detention ponds, and burying/daylighting downspouts are part of our design scope.


Botanical Living Landscape Design is the landscaping company you can trust regarding hardscaping design in Denver. With our qualified team and extensive experience, we are dedicated to creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces that will exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to discover how we can transform your landscape into a truly breathtaking living space.


Types of Hardscapes to Consider

We offer a wide range of options to transform your outdoor space. Every homeowner has different needs and preferences, so we offer several hardscape options: 

Outdoor Kitchens

The heart of any home is the kitchen and an outdoor kitchen should be no exception. It is a key element of hardscape design that can truly enhance your outdoor entertaining and living experience. An outdoor kitchen is a perfect addition to your landscape, providing a space to cook, entertain, and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. It allows you to bring the convenience and comfort of an indoor kitchen outside, creating a seamless transition between your home and garden. Our designers will work closely with you to design and install the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, incorporating the perfect grill, appliances, and countertop, or bar to suit your needs.


One of the key features of an outdoor living space is the patio seating area. Botanical Living frequently uses concrete pavers which offer a more timeless and modern aesthetic that achieves a greater return on your investment. Concrete pavers allow for ground movement and shifting that comes from our freeze/thaw cycles in cold climates. Poured concrete will result in unsightly cracks and costly damage.

Fire Features

We can incorporate fireplaces or fire pits into your outdoor living space to enhance the ambiance and create an intimate gathering spot. These features provide warmth and a cozy atmosphere, perfect for chilly evenings or roasting marshmallows with friends and family. They can be made in many different styles from block to masonry for a more rustic or casual flare to a GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) furniture-style piece to suit a more modern aesthetic. 

Water Features

Consider incorporating a pondless water feature into your landscape. We design both natural waterfall-styles perfect for attracting pollinators, as well as sculptural vessels like basalt columns or spill-over vases, to add a bit of drama. The sound of the water is incredibly soothing and can drown out unwanted noise. Pondless water features have no standing water resulting in less maintenance. These stunning additions enhance the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space and create a soothing and tranquil ambience for you to enjoy.


Ponds are fantastic water features that can bring a touch of nature to your backyard. These serene bodies of water can be home to colorful fish and beautiful aquatic plants, creating a vibrant and enchanting atmosphere. Ponds are visually stunning and provide a habitat for wildlife, contributing to the ecological balance of your outdoor space. 

Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds are another unique feature that can create a sense of movement and flow in your hardscaping design. These shallow, winding stone creek beds can traverse through your outdoor space, adding visual interest, while also providing a natural backdrop for xeric plants and pollinators. They can also beautify a functional feature hiding a French drain beneath.

Walkways and Stone Paths

If you find concrete sidewalks too sterile for your backyard design, consider stone steppers or concrete pavers as a hardscape option. Stone and paver paths offer a more artistic approach to guiding guests from the front yard to the back, providing ample opportunities to create flow. Our designers will collaborate with you to utilize small stones, flagstones, or concrete pavers in order to create a stunning passageway.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a valuable solution for grading issues in your yard. They not only protect your landscape and home from erosion, they create extra space for terraced patios or plantings and can offer additional seating when adjacent to lower living spaces.


Shade is at a premium in Colorado. Adding an aluminum louvered pergola to your patio or deck offers full-coverage protection from the elements. The addition of closeable drop down screens, LED lighting, heaters or a fan adds valuable year-round living space to your yard. Wood pergolas help to ground a landscape to its surroundings creating a sense of intimacy. Unique charm can be created by adding bistro lighting for evening ambience or flowering vines that offer vertical interest.


Design Packages for Complete Yard Transformations 

Our Denver team offers a range of design packages and options to transform your yard into a stunning retreat.

Our experienced designers will work with you to understand your vision and tailor a design that fits your needs and budget. Whether you want to create an intimate outdoor living space or an expansive resort-like pool design, we have the expertise and creativity to bring your ideas to life.

With our designs, we aim to create captivating spaces that are visually striking, sustainable, and low-maintenance.

If you're looking for professional landscaping services and design ideas that set your yard apart, look no further than Botanical Living Landscape Design. Take the first step towards your dream outdoor space by contacting us today to discuss our design options tailored specifically for you.


Abby Rupsa

Owner/Principal Landscape Designer

Botanical Living, LLC

Serving the Denver Metro Area


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